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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Other Kit

The other kit that I got for Christmas was ordered back in July.  Stuff for the kit was back ordered and as luck would have it,  it was here in time for Santa (DH) to give it to me.  I got the book that tells how to make it a while back (last year?) when it first came out.  The book is " Home Sweet Home, An Embroidery Box" from Australia.

Many of the supplies are not readily available here in the states.  It calls for a lot of stuff I have never heard of.  So when Mary Corbett on her blog,  Needle 'n Thread, mentioned a shop in Colorado was making a kit of the supplies you need to make this, I jumped in with both feet.  And waited patiently.  For six months.

I also requested the linen needed.

I had to buy a full yard but I can use what is left over for other projects.  The lining fabric wasn't included so I still have to find something that will work.  There isn't interfacing in the kit either so the kit is not a total complete everything-you-need one.  The kit has a lot of stuff in it.  All the strange and different threads called for.  All the charms.  Now embroidery is not my strong suit.  This will be a challenging project for me.  This project is one of my goals for 2014.  I have made a tiny bit of progress, I cut out the pieces for the box and ironed and serged them.  Now I have to go back to the book and see what I need to do next.  I think I have to baste the pieces of linen to muslin and put them in a hoop or frame.

I made good progress on the Casket Keepsakes Kit.  I got both sides of the pin keep done.

The heart sparkles in real life.   I am working on the lining of the thread winder holder thingie.

I am pretty proud of the eyelets as I think they turned out nicely.  I think all that is left to do on the pin keep is to lace the parts together.  But I haven't read the instructions completely and we don't have all the lessons yet.  I think I am on Lesson 4 of 13.
Have a great Sunday!


  1. Hi Amy, I love your work, it is so inspiring !
    The Mary Beale, the Mermaid,and the Merry Cox projects are so beautiful!!!!
    Yes, I read almost the hole blog!
    I'm very curious of your new project.
    So, I decide to follow your blog now.
    I wish you a creative 2014 and happy stitching, Evelyne

  2. Thanks, Amy, for mentioning the Home Sweet Home kit! I just ordered one :)

  3. I own the Home Sweet Home book, too. Would you mind sharing the name of the shop that kitted the supplies. Many thanks.