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Friday, December 27, 2013

It's Here

It finally arrived yesterday.  The Casket Keepsakes "Winter" kit.

So of course I had to start it.  It is so fun to start something new.  I had to iron everything and do some basting of the design parts to muslin.

I got to Lesson 2 which is actual stitching.  This is fun!

I got two kits for Christmas.  One is the Hampton Court Kit from England.

 I want to put this on the top of my casket.  There is a whole book of directions. Forty pages long.

 I read through the first few pages to see what has to be done first.  What I have to do first is color the pond with some permanent colored pencils.  They aren't in the kit so I ordered them.  I found an art supply place where you can just order the color number that you need rather than get a big set.  I need three blue pencils.  They were shipped yesterday.  I have to wait to start this kit but I want to do it just right.
Boy, am I lucky.


  1. I got the Winter Keepsakes class for Christmas -- tell Amy Mitten she owes you a commission!! Can't wait to get started.

  2. Awesome! I look forward to following your progress as I have Amy's Winter Keepsakes too but haven't started it yet. I am booked on to the Hampton Court Palace workshop with Jenny Adin Christie next year.

  3. Great projects!
    I can't wait to see them done up.

  4. Me too....I'm curious to see your progress on Amy project.
    In the meantime I've a question for you, if I can.......could you tell me the name of silk color you're using since I'd like to order some silk from her. I love their antique look.
    Happy stitching,
    Angi from Italy