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Thursday, December 19, 2013


I finished off the Ebony and Ivory Neccessaire.  I looked up photos I took in class and realized that the other pockets are attached to the lining not the pin keep.  I can do that.

I sewed on the tag on the lining and the cording on the scissors fob.  Done!

So now what do I work on?  I picked up Peace on Earth.  Maybe I can finish it before Christmas.  I finished stitching one hill and one sheep.  One more sheep to go.  I can finish this today.

The Christmas tree still isn't up, I plan to do that today.

I went walking at the Y yesterday afternoon and this morning.  I'm trying to keep up my exercise so I don't gain back any weight.  Maybe my Casket Keepsakes kit will come today?


  1. I'm so glad to know someone else doesn't have their tree decorated either. Ours is standing naked in the living room. LOL!

  2. My tree i still in the box in the garage. Too late now I say and it won't go up this year. I can live with no decorations this year I just need a holiday!