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Monday, December 16, 2013

Almost But No Cigar

I am almost done with lacing, backstitching or whatever you call the side stitching.  It feels like weaving actually.  I have about two more rows to go.

There is a part that I don't like and need to fix.  At the bottom the foamcore shows a bit.  I like that the scissors fit in well.  There is a magnet in the handle of the mirror so they don't fall out.  I'm thinking how I can add a few lacing stitches to the sides.

The bathrooms are clean.

I opened the gingerbread house kit and the house is already put together!  And the icing is already mixed and ready to go!   The box actually says that the house is fully assembled.  But I didn't read the box until now.  I wrapped up Dylan's gifts so I am ready.  I just have a bunch of stuff to carry.  The snow has let up a bit (it is supposed to snow more tonight) so driving should be okay on the main roads.  I always worry anyway.

My knee is feeling stronger and I want to get my steps in today as I am at a new low weight-wise.
Life is good.

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