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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Many times after I have stitched something, I think "If I were stitching this again, I could do it a lot better since I would know what to be careful of, what not to do, etc".  That is what I was thinking while working on the needlebook to Ebony and Ivory.  It is a little tricky to sew the ribbon on and have it look nice.  What do you sew it to on the sides?  I was trying to think of a better way to put this together.  I was also thinking that maybe this will look like an antique when I get done.

It is a little bent.  The stitches show more than I want and are a bit uneven.  I'm not sure what the point of the white bone slats is.  Just decoration?    They do look cool.  I think there is a must be a better way to weave them in and to keep them close together.  The corners are still messy and rounded and uneven,  don't like that.

 So you can tell that I have mixed feelings about this piece.

I finished up the Renaissance Button Box.

I really like this project.  It is now on display in Curio Cabinet #2.
I went to Walgreens yesterday and bought a ton of candy for stocking stuffers and gingerbread house decorations.  It was a dream come true for my 5-year-old (inner) self.  Boy, are those cherry cordial M & M's good.

 I only ate two but they were great.  I know that those Cherry Cordial Hershey's kisses will be just as good.  I haven't dared open those.


  1. Who is the designer for the Renaisse (sp) Button Box? I really like that and would love to have a similar kit from the designer or to review their designs. Your Ebony and Ivory piece looks good to do great finishing.

  2. Stick with it, you will get it done!
    Your box turned out pretty.
    Mmmmmmm, the M&M's look delicious!