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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Caramel Corn Day

It is Caramel Corn Day here at the Chateau.  Every year I make caramel corn for the kids (who aren't kids anymore) and the neighbors and DH and me.  So today is the day.

The first batch of caramel corn is in the oven.  A large batch of fudge has been made.

 The kids don't like nuts in their fudge but we do.  I have a few more special recipes to make.  This is all in preparation for sending off Christmas packages by the end of the week.

I am finishing the sewing on the pin keep/pocket of Ebony and Ivory.  The ribbon is just to be pinned on but I think that is cheating and am sewing it on.

 I also made the thread tunnels on the lining of the Ebony and Ivory Neccessaire.  But I'm thinking, How do you store threads in the tunnels?  How does one use this part?

The  finishing directions on this piece are from the school of  "you know what I mean".  As a Montessori teacher we learned to break down each lesson into very basic steps.  I've found that good directions do this too.  On this project there isn't even the basic direction in the finishing instructions that says  "sew the lining to the linen using this method".  So a lot of what I done, I've guessed at what she means for us to do.

It is very cold here today.  I've licked the pan of fudge.  Bad girl.


  1. Mmmm, I can smell the Caramel Corn and fudge from here! :)

  2. My grandmother used to make fudge and I still wish I had learned from her. But then I'd probably need two hours a day at the gym!!

  3. Amy,
    I am enjoying following your blog. It was great seeing you again at The Attic.

  4. WOW! A fellow Christmas Caramel Corn maker! I do it every year as my Grandmother did, and my neighbors, teachers and all that I gift it to are already asking "HEY where's the caramel corn?!" :) Looks delish!