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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Almost There

I worked on the step stool.  I figured out a different way to do the name and it worked!

 I have used a ton of that special blue tape and it works wonders.  I put the blue tape on the top and then cut around the stencil with an Exacto knife.  Then I painted over the cut out blue tape and it turned out very nicely.  I made a big mistake though.  I used a pen to trace the stencil onto the top but when I got done painting you could still see some of the pen marks.  DH saved the day when he suggested I paint carefully over the pen marks with the background paint.  Whew, I was able to get rid of those pen marks.  I am happy with how her name turned out.  And I feel rather clever to have gotten it on the step stool neatly.

I have to touch up the stripes and sign my work.  The last thing is to coat the stool with a sealer.  That is the goal for today: finish up the step stool.

A.B. correctly guessed what I am stitching.  It is Sakura by Brightneedle.

 I was tickled to get to the cherries.  So cute.

I bought a kit off of Ebay and I'm feeling very guilty as the last thing I need is another kit.  So I'm trying to stay away from temptation.

We have some snow today and it is very cold.


  1. Love the stool and 'Sakura' - you do well with eBay. I never seem to find anything. What search categories do you use?

  2. That is turning out so cute!
    She will love it.

  3. The step stool is so cute. I love the font you used!