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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day

We had a lovely Christmas - just us two, no big deal.  We got to see Claire open her gifts via Facetime.  What a joy!  She understands much more about opening presents now.  They immediately took the step stool into the bathroom and Claire used it to wash her hands.  She loves to wash her hands with her "Minnie Mouse" soap.  We get to go see her in person in less than a month.

DH got me exactly what I wanted for Christmas.  I was tickled pink and spoiled rotten.

I think today is my blogiversary.  I'll have to think of a giveaway.

I finished off the Queen Victoria Scissors Case with some twisted cording.

 I put twisted cording on the Peace on Earth ornament (I was on a roll with the twisted cord).

One of the neatest things I got for Christmas were these glasses with binoculars on them.  Sort of like what the dentist has.  They are great.  I can see very tiny things with them.  It is so much easier to use these than try to use one of my other magnifiers.

I am making one last batch of caramel corn.  We had more neighbors come to the door and bring us plates of goodies and I ran out of things to give them.


  1. Wow, I think I need least to attach to my glasses. I must get a new prescription next year, so those might do the trick! I will have to google them.
    Love your twisted cording. I must try it. So far I only have three ornaments left to finish. We did Facetime with my granddaughter also, and it was great!
    She kept thinking we would come, but didn't cry. Whew!

  2. Great finishes on your projects.
    The scissor case is so pretty.
    Claire looks so cute on her stool at the sink. :)
    I bet those glasses are awesome for seeing the little things.
    Happy Blogiversary!