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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I am working on some finishing today.  I made a photocopy of the Queen Victoria Scissors Case so I could cut the shape from a file folder.  It worked out well.  Now I just have to stitch it together.

I found some nice fabric in my stash that will go well with it.

I finished the Peace on Earth ornament.  I still need to make some twisted cording to put around it and hang it up on the tree.

I am almost done stitching the back side of the pin cushion of Sakura.  My goal is to get the front side of the pin cushion stitched today.

I am s t i l l waiting for my Casket Keepsakes Kit.  Maybe today.  I am excited about tomorrow.  DH has lots of wonderful presents for me.  I can't wait to see Claire open her presents.  That will be the best present of all.


  1. The Needlecase is gorgeous!
    Nice ornament also.
    I hope Claire has fun opening presents. :)
    Did you finish her stool?

  2. Forgot to say............
    Have a great Christmas Amy!!