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Sunday, September 29, 2013


I'm having so much fun stitching the bargello on the pocket of Along the River James.  I think it is beautiful.  I was disheartened yesterday.  I was working on this pocket when I discovered I had everything messed up.

 I made a mistake stitching the outline (again!) and a mistake in the bargello basic row.   It really wasn't all my fault.  These are the worst charts ever.  These are the least clear instructions.  ARGH.  It was like I needed to start over.  But I persevered.  I overcame adversity.  I frogged.  And here I am today:

Jane reminded me of a long arm cross stitch join and that is what I am going to do around the edge of the pocket instead of nun stitches.

I went back and tried to find my mistake on the backstitching around the mirror frame of Mermaid's Treasures.  I found several!  So essentially, I restitched one whole side.  Then I looked ahead.  Guess what?  I have four more backstitched mirror shapes to go.  Well, I should be better at them by now.
Look at the size of this chart for just one mirror frame backstitching.  It's huge!

It was raining this morning when I got up.  But I waited a little bit and the rain quit so I could go walking.  I'm going to start packing for my trip today.  A lot of my travelling clothes are too big.  Isn't that great!?

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