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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fun Seaweed

Well, I got to working on the mermaid on the "easy" side of the shell.  I put in her scales and couched her tail.  I gave her curly french knot hair.  I realized that I forgot to backstitch her face.  Duh.

Then I started her seaweed sleeves and waist skirt.  I so enjoy doing a new stitch and having it work out.  I have one leaf done on her right arm and it looks good.

We got a message to hold off on the next lessons of Mermaid's Treasures so I have a chance to catch up.

I want to finish-finish Romina's Box today.  It is still sitting on my ironing board waiting for me to do something.

I got the latest Just Nan Limited Edition humbug in the mail yesterday.  It will be an easy fun stitch.

I tried out a fish or three in the River James.  I think they will be okay.  Once I gave them eyes, they looked more like fish.
We are going out to eat tonight!

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