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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Am I Done?

That is the question we used to ask our watercolor teacher.  Am I done?  Is there anything else I should fix, change or add?  Marilyn said my shell looks done.  It isn't, but I was thinking, could I finish this today?  I sure would like to.  It does look finished but there are many miscellaneous stitches to fill in.  I'm going to try to get as many as I can filled in.  I've have been tempted to just fill them in with the in-between color since it is so hard to figure out what should go in each place. I hate having to do just one stitch.  What a pain!

I finished the tiny alphabet sampler for Ebony and Ivory.

And I stitched one more side to the scissor fob.  I still may have to do another.

Then I have one half of one side of the mirror frame backstitching done.

DH is washing and waxing my car today.  I hate that job with a passion so I'm am very happy that he is doing it.  It is a lovely cool day to wax a car.  The sun is shining.

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