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Sunday, September 8, 2013


I finished the "easy" side of the mermaid shell.  Yeah!  I think it looks good.  It was a lot of work.

Then I wanted to try a new part, the snail shell.  It is stitched using the Ceylon stitch.  So I did a few practice runs and wasted a whole strand of silk pearl cotton.  Then I tried the actual shell.  I keep losing a stitch.  But I have worked a good amount.  This will be wound around to become the snail shell on one side of the tape measure.  It isn't perfect and I am tempted to start over.  But maybe it is good enough?

I also went back to the hard side of the mermaid shell.  I am working it in the recommended way (so far).  I'm putting in all the off white stitches then I will go back and fill in.  This really is the fastest way to do the shell.  I am kind of sick of working with the same color.  But I do see some progress so that is good.  I think I will really be glad to have this part all done.

As a break from this whole mermaid thing, I started working on the Just Nan Humbug.

It is nice to have something easy at hand.

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