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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I am still having "issues" with blogger.  There is a box that pops up every time that says, "You have logged out from a remote location.  Do you wish to log in again?"  I haven't and I don't.  How do I get rid of that box!?!?
Anyway, I finished the snail shell!!  I didn't think it was going to turn out.  I was not at all happy with my needle weaving Ceylon stitch.  Amy Mitten's looked so much more even and nicer.  But I thought, I'll finish this one and if I can't make it look nice, I'll make another one.  But when I got done and slipped it off the straw it was worked on, it looked better.  Then I was able to tack it down so that the bad parts didn't show.  So, ta-dah!  My snail has a shell.

I like it.
I worked a bit on shell hell.  I want to get some more of the off-white lines in.  I am making progress but very slowly.  I have the latest charts for the mirror surround but I want to finish the shell first.

I have really enjoyed working on Ebony and Ivory.

I want to get the center band all done today. There are 34 of those triangles down the middle.   I tried taking out some of the linen threads for the next band.  The linen threads kind-of shred so it is hard to reweave it back in without it just pulling apart.  You have to be very careful.
Have a great day!

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