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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To The Edge

The annoying box didn't pop-up today on blogger.  Maybe the problem is solved.  I hope so.

I finished the stitching on the main piece of Ebony and Ivory.  Now I am just doing the loop stitch around the edge.

I also finished stitching the alphabet for the needlebook and am finishing the border.  I tried a bit of the filling in to see what it would look like.

Not too bad.  Then when I'm done with the pre-stitching for this project I can look at the Unplayed Piano pre-stitching.

I worked on shell hell for a while.  I keep telling myself  "a little bit everyday and I will be done".

I picked up the kit I bought on ebay.  I shouldn't have started it but I did.  I just wanted to see how it would go.  It is stitched over one (mostly) on 29 count.  This count looks huge when I have been working over one on 34.
Time to stitch.


  1. Ebony and ivory is beautiful. You must be pleased with speedy progress on that one given that Shell Hell is proving slow ;-)

  2. All so lovely!
    Ebony & Ivory is so pretty, with the different stitches and I love the black needle weaving(darning)part next to the whitework.
    The shell is getting closer to be finished, you will get there!