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Monday, September 16, 2013


I got so involved in my stitching that I didn't want to stop to blog.  That's my excuse for not posting yesterday.
So I cut the linen up for the smalls of Ebony and Ivory.  Then I serged them.  Then they were staring at me - waiting to be stitched.  So I started stitching the smalls.  First I started the needlebook.  It is hard as it is all over one (on 34 count). And all the background is stitched too.

After a bit I started the scissors sheath.

Then there was the scissors fob, which I totally messed up.  I started in the wrong place.  I should have started in the middle and I may have to redo this as I am way too close the the edge.

Then I went back to the main necessaire thing.  I finished up the needle weaving on the other side of the middle band.

I wanted to get to the edge so I put in the second pulled thread strip and then the herringbone gone wrong stitch, I wanted to see what it looked like.  Then I was at the edge and wanted to try the loop stitch.  It is a bit tedious but will look nice on the edge.

I really like this project.  It looks cool.
I decided it was good to have a break from shell hell for the day.  I will get back to it today.

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  1. Lovely stitching! I look forward to your blog posts everyday, Amy!