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Sunday, September 1, 2013


How can it be September???  Well, that's what comes after August silly.

Yesterday I went to write a blog post and discovered that the post I did the day before was only listed as a draft.  So I published the draft and took the day off.  I think there was some problem with blogger as I really did click the publish button but it didn't get published. Clear as mud?

Anyway, I had a bit more time to get some things done.  I worked on the easy side of the Mermaid's Treasures' shell.  Easy is a relative term.  I got lost.  Horribly terribly lost.  So I quit that and decided I needed to finish something.

I finished stitching the band for Romina's Box.  Yeah!  Then I went down to my regular finishing station which is my ironing board.

I got started with the finishing part by cutting the mat board pieces and crossing my fingers that they are large enough.  My back was hurting so I didn't do much more than that.

Then I set out to finish the Heart Brooch.

I got it all done and now I need to glue it together.  I still want to stitch the back on, it just seems wrong to glue it.  I am happy with it even though I know it is not perfect.  But you need a magnifying glass to see the problems.  I will enjoy wearing it.

Then knowing that we were going to get a new lesson in Cabinet of Curiosities today, I worked a bit on getting the trinket box lined.  I actually got the lining glued in.  I had my fingers crossed that it would work out.  Some of the glue seeped through to the silk and I was hoping it would dry and not be noticeable.  I think it worked out okay.

 I don't like the bottom.  It looks sloppy and slightly curled.  I am not a purist.  I am not in love with doing everything like they did in the 17th century.  I say use the great innovations of this century to do something.  I may take this bottom out and replace it with a piece of mat board that has a layer of thermolam on it covered with the silk.  That will make a nice smooth bottom that looks neat in the bottom of the box.

Also I tried gluing on the silver tape.  Not easy.

 I wanted to bend it around the edge.  I used rubber bands and clothes pins to hold it and for the most part it worked.  The ends are a little messy.  I need to glue some bits at the corners.   Again, I'm not a purist.  I would be just as happy with cheap silver colored lace that bends easily and glues easily and that you can fold under on the ends.  I wanted to see what the box might look like when I get the other stitching done.

So I wrapped a print out of the design around the bottom with a rubber band.  Cool.  Now where is that stitching?  Somewhere near the bottom of the laundry basket of shame.

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  1. Have you thought about using a fusible bond like wonder under instead of glue? I'm trying to finish something using matboard and I gave it a try and it works on matboard. The instructions say it should work on anything porous includng wood. It would make a nice smooth finish and you wouldn't have to worry about glue seaping through. Definitely try a test piece first.