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Thursday, September 5, 2013


I spent most of yesterday finishing Romina's Box.  I didn't really follow the directions.  I read the directions but kept thinking but why not do it this other way?  So I did it my way.  I'm not quite done yet as I needed some magnet sheet to go under the lining of the lid.  So I stopped by Hobby Lobby since it is now close by.  Yes, they had some.  So now I can totally finish it off.

I also found some Halloween fabric that I hope will work for finishing the Silver Needle Retreat piece into a trick or treat bag for Claire.  I prefer the laughing pumpkins to the skeletons but we'll see what looks best color-wise.

I got ten of the leaves done on the "easy" side mermaid.  Once I get all the leaves done I should go back and finish the shell.  More or less I have just to fill in stitches on the lower half.

I started the bottom of the beaded basket.

The directions are as clear as mud.  So I'm crossing my fingers that I am doing it correctly.  I may have to surf the internet for help.  Thank goodness for the internet.

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