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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another Perfect Day

It is lovely outside.  It seems a shame not to be outside enjoying it.  But I enjoy it from the inside.  I'm not an outside girl.  I don't like bugs.  Our screened in back porch is as close as I'm going to get to being outside.

I worked on the "easy" side of the Mermaid's Treasures shell.

I'm still in shell hell which is working on it until I get horribly, terribly lost.  But I decided to mix in something interesting like adding to the mermaid.  I outlined her.  I can tell when I am tired.  I had to outline her hair seven times before I got it right.

I replaced the bottom of the trinket box using mat board, Warm 'n Natural and silk. I like it much better.

I finished that little bit of border on Along the River James.

I finished the top edge of the casket basket.  I read the directions for the bottom of the basket and don't find them understandable (yet?).  I'll have to take it one little bit at a time.  I wish the directions were listed as little steps like Amy Mitten's.  If Amy Mitten were writing the directions I could build a bridge with my bare hands.

I wore my heart pin to exercise class.  I admit it, I was showing it off.

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