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Sunday, June 5, 2011

One Down Four to Go

It is a lovely warm Sunday here. I am looking forward to getting some stitching done. I would have liked to have Glastonbury Garden done enough to take with me to my class to show to my friend Angela. But I don't think it will be in one piece by then. I finished one pocket. Four more to stitch. Two of them are flowers, two are dimensional pockets.
The kit is turning out nicely. I like the colors I switched to. You never know how things will come together.
The "thing" in the b-i-g project is still emerging. It is interesting to click on the picture and see the larger image where you can see some of the combinations of colors.
I need to iron some clothes to take on my trip. I just wear crud clothes most of the time, ones that are good for exercise class or cleaning. So I am out of practice trying to look presentable. When you get older, you just want to be comfortable. I need somebody who knows what they are doing to take me shopping for clothes. By the way, I used to like shopping at Talbots, but they have really gone downhill. I don't like the cheap fabric used and the unfinished edges. Why would anyone wear wrinkly linen? Plus there is not nearly enough elastic for me.

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