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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Plugging Away

It was a nice day yesterday. It would have been easier just to stay home, but I really wanted to see some old friends at the school picnic. I didn't stay much longer than an hour. I was surprised at how many people they expected - 500! It was fun to see the activities for the kids: pony rides, face painting, animals to pet, sno-cones. It was so interesting to see kids I remember as three-year-olds at age 14. They didn't remember me but I didn't expect them to. Some of them were taller than I am. Whoa.

I stopped and took a walk through the Area Show. It was interesting to see what got picked to be in the show. There was one watercolor that I really liked called "Buick". So much depends on the show's judge and his specialty (bias). A sculptor naturally chooses a lot more sculpture than an oil painter.

I worked on trying to salvage my practice pocket slips for the Lounging Hare. I took out the weaving and had trouble figuring out the tweed pattern. I finally did it but the directions didn't help or I wasn't reading them correctly. Then I goofed and started a flower 2 threads over too far. Then had to compensate on the other side. I'm not sure it will turn out. But there was too much stitching to try and take out. If it doesn't look good, I'll stitch another one. I want to get the stiffener cut and start the finishing. The accordion fold tool holder can be completely finished even though I don't have the box. I am feeling the pull of several projects that need to be finished. But I sure have enjoyed concentrating on the Lounging Hare.

I am thinking of my dad today and wishing I could tell him "Happy Father's Day".

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