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Monday, June 20, 2011

My Face Was Red

Back in the sixties when I was a teenager, there was a section in Seventeen Magazine (I think) that was called "My face was Red" where readers sent in accounts of embarrassing situations in their lives.
Today my face was red. But not because I was embarrassed. I went to the Origins counter a few weeks ago and the lady in front of me got a sample of "A Perfect World". So I asked for a sample too. I tried it out and liked it. So when I went back to the Origins counter last week. I asked for some "A Perfect World". The lady at the counter said to just use a pearl sized amount. I bought it and used it faithfully every night as a moisturizer on my face. I began to notice that my face was red. Today I felt like my face was burning off. The stuff I bought was a little different consistency than the sample. So I got my glasses. Come to find out, I bought cleanser not moisturizer. I have been putting cleanser on my face and leaving it on every day for a week. Not a good idea. What an idiot I am! My poor face. Ironically, there was a call on my phone this morning from the Origins counter thanking me for my purchase last week.

I started the finishing for the Lounging Hare. I still have 3 pieces to stitch. But I ironed all I have done so far and cut the interfacing, ultrasuede and stiffener. Now I wish I had listened better during class to the finishing directions. The first thing I have to do is lace all the stitched panels to the stiffener. It is fun seeing it take shape.

I also laced the Sweet Baby James kit together. But then I put the wooden needlecases in it and it is not going to fit. So I thought up putting some ribbon on the sides. I took some coordinating ribbon folded it in half and stitch witched it together. We'll see how if that looks good.

The bathrooms are clean. It's Monday and now I can work on fun stuff.

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