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Monday, June 13, 2011

Hog Heaven

I was in hog heaven for the last four days! I am a lonely stitcher in my area, I don't know any other people here that like to stitch. Going to Georgia was a revelation. Those stitchers like to stitch as much as I do and they have all the stuff to go with it. Wow. It was so fun and I learned a lot about a lot of things. Like spraying ants with windex and how good homemade lemon ice cream is. My Blue Ribbon Sewing box is done! I got a chance to glue it in class (sometimes I need adult supervision). It is perfect! I love how it turned out. Don't you just love those scrims? Making it was my goal this year.

I had never been through the Atlanta airport. Oh my goodness, what a sea of humanity. My over all impression is that the airport needs to be bigger. Every gate was busy and did not have enough places for people to all sit down. I was glad that I could navigate enough to get from my arrival gate to my departure gate. I thought I would never get to Columbus however. Our flight was delayed by several hours as the crew for our plane was delayed. I was at the end of the concourse where there were about 8 gates all together. You could hear announcements for other gates: delays, overbookings, requests for 15 people to take a later flight, gate changes etc. When we finally got on the plane we were ecstatic but then we had to wait to take off for another hour and a half. One lady said "that's the longest 22 minute flight I've even taken". Someone said that to get to hell, you have to go through Atlanta. I know what she means.

A very kind lady gave me a ride, well that's not really correct, she gave me more than rides, she took me everywhere with her. I loved it. I was hoping other kits would be available - and they were! Man, I tell you, I was in hog heaven. I got a kit I had admired and drooled over and thought I would never be able to get - the wheelbarrow. Pinch me!

I just had sooooo much fun and everybody was very nice to me. I met my follower, Gwen. (Hi Gwen) I saw another multiple retreat goer, Angela. (Hi Angela).

I am glad to be home, my bathrooms are clean and I can play with all my stuff. I have already ordered from a place I heard about this weekend.

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