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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I attached the needlebook to the ribbon. Yeah! One down and four to go. I have to stitch the sitting hare back slip to be able to do the next one. So that is what I am working on now. I've had to frog a lot but it won't be long now until it is finished.

We had a sub in aerobics this morning. The sub usually teaches zumba so class was quite different. It was fun doing moves to specific music. I enjoyed different music as I get tired of hearing the same CD's over and over. But it was a challenge since there are fewer ques (called moves) to what we are doing. I am slow and lumbering when it comes to dance so I tried not to embarrass myself. I think aerobics is more strenuous though.

I tried out my donut pan again. This time I used the mix that I bought. They turned out good. But I still want to see what happens when you put in cookie dough or cake mix.

I am trying to get a newsletter out of two different sampler guilds. They both have classes in October that I want to sign up for. It is very frustrating when you email someone and don't hear back. I just really want to take the classes. I guess I am being taught patience. ARGH.

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