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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ready Set Go

This is my third trip in six weeks. Wow, that's a lot for this stick-in-the-mud. I've never been to Georgia. The suitcase is out and half packed. I can print out my boarding pass anytime now. I hope to run into the teacher on her flights there. I just need to find some rubber bands or clips (clothes pins?) for holding everything together when I am gluing my stitching to the box. I figured out a strategy for taking something to the potluck that is Friday night. Subway footlongs cut up into small pieces. I hope the teacher has some other teaching pieces with her to show us - like the Button Brag Book. Last time I took a class with her she had some small kits of the same theme that we could buy. So I'm hoping for some extra kits this time too. I don't know if there is a needlework store in the area. That would be fun to visit.

I am still nun stitching the bottom pockets to the inside of Glastonbury Garden. I am putting the pockets in upside down. In the one the designer made the pockets open downward. Everything would fall out if you held it upright.
I took a break and finished off the last section of the kit. I'd like to get the inside done and be ready to put it together today. I am going to go through my laundry basket of junk to stitch to find some smalls to kit and take with me. I will be back on Monday!

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