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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Busy Day

Just a week ago I was having fun stitching on a new kit - all day. Now it is back to normal. Although I went to the Farmer's Market before going to pilates (I usually go after class). It was less busy and there was more stuff. I got some free range eggs. They are usually gone when I get there. I took a bite of a garlic top green bean looking thing. Mistake. I think I will have garlic breath all day! I got some of the first strawberries. I see strawberry shortcake in my future. I don't usually get flowers but these were very pretty and only five dollars.

This afternoon I am going to a retirement party for the head of the school where I used to work. It will be fun to see many old friends. I look forward to seeing some kids that were in my class. In last week's paper, was the name of one who was graduating from high school. I wonder if I would recognize her from when she was 3. It is always fun to see how kids turn out.

I finished the Lounging Hare box top except for 4 more sorbello stitches. I wish I could put it together, but I think I have to wait for the box to arrive to make sure it fits. I am trying to salvage my practice pocket slips so that I don't have to stitch them over again. Gwen's look so nice and even. I want mine to look as good as hers do. I'm still thinking about this...

On my way back from the retirement party, I might stop at the Art Institute to see the Area Show. It is always interesting to see what won and what I like. They aren't usually the same thing. One year a bunch of wires won. Good grief.

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