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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Busy Day

Every Saturday morning I sit down and pay the bills received during the week. I try to get done before it is time to go to pilates. In pilates class today there were only four of us. It was really nice and the teacher took requests to work on certain areas of the body. We had a nice back stretch. I feel loose and stretched out after that class. Today was the opening day for the Farmer's Market. It is always fun to see what they have. The cupcake lady was there but she only had 2 cupcakes left, Blackberry Merlot. Sounds yummy. I bought her last two. I was hoping she had four so we could have them for dessert tonight. I guess I will make strawberry shortcake instead. I still have some cleaning to do. The annual "wash down everything on the back porch" needs doing as well as the "spiffy up the bathroom". Then it is on to cooking stuff.
I got some more circles done on the cover of Glastonbury Garden. Nine more to go on the first pass. Two more passes after that. I got the outside border of the inside top (confused?) done. It doesn't look like much yet.
DH is out planting flowers. It is that time of year. Summer is so much nicer than winter.

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