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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Getting Ready

We are finishing up the pantry. DH cut one of the shelves too short so he has to go get another. It looks really nice now. I didn't work on the penny rug yesterday. I concentrated on getting the main part of Grandma's Garden Sewing Roll done. I found flowers to replace the verse and initials. I like how it turned out although it was a lot more trouble. Now I am replacing the flower motif on the ends with a wreath of flowers. So after I get the ends stitched, I can put it together. I am going to line it with silk dupioni instead of the calico in the kit. It will look way fancier.
I have to get ready to leave for Maryland tomorrow morning. Pack, curl hair, decide what to wear, etc. I colored my hair last night and the brew must have been especially strong as my hair is lighter than usual. At least it doesn't look gray and no mouse brown roots.
I am getting the itch to start something new. What I have in mind is Glastonbury Garden or Strawberry Thief (Jackie duPlessis). I have some simple things to take with me on my trip: Little House Needleworks' Fresh from the Garden, and Kathy Schmitz's Kringle Keepers.
I'm trying to get up my courage to face crazy relatives.

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