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Friday, May 20, 2011


How did it get to be Friday again? Last Friday we were on our way to Baltimore. I have to clean today as people are coming over tomorrow. I'm throwing out rugs that are so worn out. The kitchen floor needs washing. It is good to have people over, just to make myself get some jobs done. I've been to exercise and Goodwill. I bought three new rugs and a Barnes & Noble gift certificate for Halona. So I feel like I have accomplished a lot already today.
I finished the practice piece and actually got started on Glastonbury Garden. I know it is going to take a long time and be tedious but I made good progress yesterday. I started the outside cover and the inside cover. The fun parts will be the flower pockets. There are 36 circles on the front cover. Then 36 more in a different color. The directions are so bad. I'd like to rewrite them and make them readable and clear and easy to follow. Which makes me think maybe someday I would like to get some cross stitch design software. I know the best charts are by Drawn Thread and are done using Photoshop but that is a really hard program to use. It would be fun just to mark up the directions, rewrite them and send the designer a copy. Maybe that would be mean. I don't want to be mean. Nevermind.
It is a nice day outside. The goodies I ordered are on their way. Life is good.

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