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Friday, May 6, 2011

Last Day of Celebration

Saturday was the last day of Celebrations. Last time to shop. Last time to go to the Stitching Room. I drove my BFF to the airport in the morning. I had to be back by noon for my last and best class, Glastonbury Garden. I saw this project last year and have been waiting a whole year to take this class. This designer's charts and instructions leave something to be desired, namely clarity. (Or in layman's terms, they suck) But I love the finished project so I will persevere. Some of the stitching is going to be very tedious, an endless number of circles on 35 count with one strand of silk. Counting correctly is very important to have the pattern turn out right. The designer gave us a little pincushion project using the same design so we can practice and work out the design before we tackle the portfolio. I changed the pin cushion a bit. It was really helpful to do this little project first. The thread colors all look very much the same. I love the little heart in the corner. I am so happy to have this kit.
The banquet Saturday night was very fun. It was an Italian buffet. Not a lot of people took any of the eggplant. The rest was great and the dessert was a chocolate Tiramisu that was scrumptious. Then we played "Minute to Win It" to get prizes for our table. Of course, Captain Lu was elected head of table and spun the wheel. Our game was "Mad Dog". We were given a ruler with tic tac boxes taped to either end. They tore off the tops of the tic tac boxes and we put the rulers in our mouths, we couldn't use our hands. Then we had to shake the ruler between our teeth (like a mad dog) until the tic tac boxes were empty. I don't know if I cheated or not, but I bent over so gravity could help me. I won! I was the first one to empty my tic tac boxes. I didn't mind looking silly. It was great fun. One table had an orange banana race. They had a string around their waist with a banana on the end and they had to push an orange with the banana across a finish line. Hilarious. All the raffle winners were announced and the auction winners also. What great fun I had at Celebrations this year. I head back home tomorrow with lots of stuff.

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