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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hog Heaven

On Friday, I got up at 4 a.m. to watch the wedding. I dozed off after I found out that the actual wedding didn't start until 6. I knew there would be endless reruns but I wanted to see it live as I did Princess Diana's wedding many years ago. I loved the simplicity of the wedding and thought it was well done.
Last Friday was hog heaven. Finally the "mall" area opened. There were 22 vendors. There were stores, designers and specialty displays. Some were ones I hadn't seen before. One was mostly quilting stuff. I didn't have any classes on Friday so I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted. I had in mind some fabric and threads I needed. As I was going into the mall area, Angela said go to Jackie du Plessis's booth. Wow, that was a treasure trove. Jackie had many of her class kits - for sale! She also had some neat supplies. Skirtex is very hard to find and she had it. She also had rolls of little squares of silk fabric for finishing and lining. I brought what I wanted to the counter. But there was a big problem, her credit card thing didn't work without internet access. So it was only cash or check. DH said to leave the checkbook home and I did. So that left only cash. Uh-oh. I was able to get what I wanted with the cash I had. But then I got to thinking about some of the other kits. I went back to her booth on Saturday morning and worked out a deal consisting of part cash and an I.O.U. until I got home and could send her a check. She was kind (and trusting) to do that. I got great stuff in the mall area and I could have bought a lot more than I did.
My room was the last one to be cleaned and I didn't want to go back there, so I went to the Stitching Room on the fourth floor. It was pleasant to sit up there, listen to other people's conversations and stitch. My BFF and her friends and I went to eat dinner at Panera. It was fun and a nice change from the hotel restaurant. We missed a turn on the way back and were almost late for the Round Robins. But it was all fine, the event started a bit late. The big surprise was there were five (instead of 4) kits each hour. Yippee, more stuff! All the teachers kits were nice and things I would like to make. No duds. I have two of them done already (see photos above). Boy, was I tired that night after getting up so early but I love a royal wedding.

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