Friday, January 17, 2014

Two Strawberries

I worked hard yesterday on the Home Sweet Home box.  I got two strawberries done and I think they turned out okay.

 Then I did the little leaf things at the top of the strawberries.

 I have tried these techniques before and haven't been happy with the results.  This time things are working out better.  Next I have to do the white flower.  This box has six sides and I'm working on side number three.  That means when I finish this side, I'm half done.  Wow.  I wasn't even sure I could stitch this.  I may actually be able to finish it.

Not much else got done yesterday.  Today I want to work on the last part of Sakura since it is close to being done.


  1. I love the strawberries!
    They look very beautiful!
    And you going fast too!

    Have a nice stitching time,

  2. I can't believe how fast the stitching is gong on the Home Sweet HOme box. Can't wait to get my kit!