Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Won!

I like reading the blog The Embroiderer's Story from Thistle Threads.  When she has a giveaway I usually enter it.  One Christmas Day I won!  This is what I won:

Two books by Janet Brandt.  (Thank you Janet!) She is so creative.  She isn't afraid to put thread to felt.  She isn't afraid to sketch ideas. I want to be that brave one day.  One of the books is a date book/journal.  But to write in it would use it up and ruin it.

 I love looking through the books and seeing all her ideas.

I got Claire a book for her birthday.  I kind of want to keep it.  It is by Salley Mavor and has embroidered felt  illustrations of nursery rhymes.  It will be fun to read it to her when we are in California (in eleven days!).
I started the bottom of the Home Sweet Home box.  I did some Hungarian braid stitch.

I got better as I went along.  I couldn't find any Au ver a soie Antique metal threads in my kit so I'm using some gilt twist stuff on either side of the Hungarian stitch that looks similar.  You can see how much that edge adds when you compare it to the bottom arc.  I'd like to get to the flowers today.
The roads are a bit better today.  That means there is less ice.  Thank goodness.

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  1. Thanks for the Salley Mavor info, hadn't heard of her and love the look of the books. Checking out a few from the library for me and my Curlie Girlie to read. Oh to be that whimsical and creative...