Thursday, January 2, 2014


It is very cold here.  Inside and out.  Our furnace isn't working at the moment and it was 52 degrees in the house when we woke up.  Outside it is 11 degrees.  I have my oversized MIT sweatshirt on.  It is the warmest one I have.  DH is wearing a coat as he fixes his salad for lunch.  The repairman just got here so there is hope of warmth in our future.  At least we have light and electricity.
I was very happy with what I accomplished yesterday.  I got something done on all three major projects.  I didn't get my steps in so I'm trying to make up for that today.
I thought I could crank out that roof to Home Sweet Home yesterday.  Well, I only got half of one side done.  Things always take longer than I estimate.

THe color is actually much more vibrant than this photo.
I got the hard disc sewn onto one side of the thread winder holder.

 I started the other side which seems to be much easier and will look nice and even when I'm done.

I got one of four sections of the lawn of Hampton Court done.  I was afraid to do this so this is a major victory as I think it turned out fine.

Stay warm!

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  1. Sure hope your furnace is fixed soon. Perhaps I should send you some of our heat? Hampton Court is coming along well. I love the colours of the cottage roof too.