Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Little Bits

I got little bits of stitching done yesterday.  I'm thinking of not stitching today and just finishing off Evan's second banner.  Here is the amaryllis all in bloom:
DH measured how tall it is, 33 inches.
I finished Dudley's cape.

I finished a couple of sepals and I almost got done with the leaf on Home Sweet Home.

 Then I couldn't find the right thread for the leaf vein.  But it is good to make a little progress.  That circle up by the window is going to be a ladybug,

The Silver Needle is sending me a package.  I think it is the last of the Circle of Friends designs for this year and I think it is by The Drawn Thread.  Maybe I'll get it tomorrow.

Can you believe that tomorrow is March??  Today is Fat Tuesday.  I'm resisting the urge to have a donut.

Monday, February 27, 2017

And Now For Something Entirely Different

I saw Cathy at With Needle and Thread was working on a cute rabbit that goes around a spool.  I knew that I had that kit somewhere.  BFF talked me into getting it last year, I think.  So I went looking and found it.

It had overdyed 40 count fabric with it.  You couldn't see the holes very well.  So I switched out the linen for a plain color that was easier to see.

This is how far I got yesterday.

It is a pretty quick stitch.  I'm leaving the nun stitch border for last.

The bathrooms are clean and the sun is shining.  It is going to be a good week.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Little Pink

I've got a bit more momentum in the Home Sweet Home project.  I added some pink and that makes all the difference.

 I didn't like the sweet peas as they didn't look right shape-wise.  So I changed them a bit.  I had some variegated pink floss handy so I tried starting a sweet pea.  I love it!  It isn't finished yet but I want to work on it.

It was very cold this morning so I decided to walk at the Y.  But getting to the Y was not easy.  There was a race or marathon or something going on and my way was blocked off in several directions.  Very frustrating.  I persevered and got my walking in.

The other buds on the amaryllis are opening up gradually.  I'll take a picture when they are all open.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Something That Starts with S

It is cold today!  Not only that, but it is windy and snowing.  Ugh.  The amaryllis has a full on bloom,  two months to the day after we were gifted it.  It is beautiful.

Let's check in on Dudley.  I've filled in some spaces like his boots, his lower legs and a lot of his cape.

 Working on 40 count over one goes very slowly.  I am almost ready to start in on some new areas.

I worked a bit on Home Sweet Home.  This is not fun.  Tedious and difficult are more apt terms.  I started the other pea pod.

 Had to do a new stitch, ladder stitch.  I am not sure that I am doing it correctly.  The next thing to do is to add some spangles and beads to this pea pod.  There is a snail on this side that will be interesting to do.  On the stem there will be a caterpillar made with a buillion knot of 30 wraps.  Wish me luck!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Banner Day

The second Evan banner is stitched.  I just have to assemble it.  It is from a Prairie Schooler out-of-print leaflet, Animal Alphabet.

The N and A are a little close together but I think I have enough room to mount them on little squares just like the Christmas banner.

I went walking this morning but got caught in some scary lightening and thunder.  DH came to my rescue about two blocks from home.  My hero!

I got the tendrils done on Home Sweet Home and started a pea pod.  I couldn't find the green spangles anywhere.  I can see the package in my head but I can't find it in my sewing room.  So I made do.  I put on gold spangles and a green bead.  So there.

  There is still more to be done on this pea pod.  I hope to finish it and the other pea pod today.  Maybe that will give me some momentum to get this side finished.

The first of the amaryllis buds is opening up!  It is a dark pink.  Cool.

I can't believe it is the last Friday in Fabruary.  This month went fast.  I pre-ordered the new Just Nan stuff.  I shouldn't have, as I have several (!) Just Nans to be stutched or started.  But a mouse and a house are just too cute.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

V is for Vulture

I got two more letters done on the second banner for Evan.  V:

and A:

I'm ready to start the last one, N for nine banded armadillo.
I'm hoping to finish this today.

The amaryllis is so close to blooming. It definately is going to be red.

Here is a compare and contrast of using different threads on Mend:

The tomatoes will be on different sides of the block pin cushion.  This tomato looks much "weaker" than the next one.
I'm going to put buttons on the thread card spaces.  Pins go on the purple rectangle.  I stitched the safety pins in a silver thread.  I tried a blended dark grey and silver first, but didn't like it.
I have to make myself get a bit more done on Home Sweet Home today.  The goal is to get all the stems and tendrils done.  I am going to change the sweet pea flowers a bit.
It is wonderfully warm today.  Not a speck of snow is left.  It feels like spring.  People are all camped out in tents in front of the new Chick-Fil-A that opens today.  Are they crazy?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

E is for Elephant

The banner for Evan will go pretty fast.  I got E with an elephant all done.  Next is V with a vulture, not very sweet but whatever.  I hope these aren't too old fashioned for DIL.

I went shopping this morning.  Easter candy is out.  Uh-oh.  I came home with some spiced jelly beans.  I'm not sure exactly what flavor they are, I thought they might be like spice drops  We'll see.

The amaryllis buds are out and starting to flower but aren't open yet.  If I had to bet, I'd say they were going to be red.

I quit procrastinating and started the other short side of Home Sweet Home.  I got the last window done.

 Then I used a stitch new to me,  Hungarian braid on the stem of the sweet pea.  I have to wrap it with another thread.  I goofed too.  I made a stem out of Hungarian braid and it is actually supposed to be done in another stitch.  I may just leave it.

Mandy asked what FlossTube videos I recommend.  There are some really nice people out there that do videos.  The ones I like to hear from are Stitcherista (sometimes profane), Jo Gregoire, StitchinPetunia, Jirrine, Tash the star-crossed stitcher, The Yellow House Stitcher, McKenna,  Pam's Crafty Corner and Kay's Cross Stitch.  There are others as well.  I have to confess that after watching some of these videos, I feel like I'm not so bad with all my mess and stash.  I've also gotten some good ideas.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Walking in the Rain

It was 50 degrees when I went walking.  Wow.  In February, can you believe it?  Unfortunately, it started raining when I was half way done.  I made it it just fine but had to change clothes when I got home.

I am working on too many things!  But I love them all.  I am putting a little bit of time and love on each one.  I just finished my Evan banner but now I need to make another one.  Claire has a vertical name banner on her bedroom door and I need to make Evan one for his bedroom door.  I have a Prairie Schooler animal alphabet so I started that.  I'll show you tomorrow.

I worked on the Jenny Adin-Christie Row Houses.

 I finished the tower.

 Looks good.  Next was the roof of the tower with copper plate.  I've never worked with that before.

  It went pretty well.  I haven't put the tower on so I'm hoping they will match up okay, that the roof fits under the tower part.

The next step is to couch down gimp for the left hand cottage.  This is a pretty small design.  If I concentrated on it, I could get a lot done.

I watched a FlossTube video yesterday.  It was an hour long but for some reason, there was no audio, so all I could do was look.  I was shocked - and it takes a lot to shock someone with lots of WIPs. This lady had 27 WIPs.  It was fantastic to see kits and classes that I haven't seen before.  I think the lady must have been from Australia.  FlossTube keeps me entertained when there is nothing on TV.  It also gives me ideas about ordering stuff.  Uh-oh.

Monday, February 20, 2017


I saw Sally at Salty Yarns finished this.

  It is so cute!  She changed the colors a little and added real buttons, pins and needles to the design around the edge.  So I dug out the parts I had for this design.  I had bought some blue Monaco fabric.  I started stitching on it but didn't like the feel of the fabric.  So I went digging to see what was in my basket of fabrics.  I found some nice blue fabric that I think will do.  I believe the pattern calls for 28 count but what I found was 32.  Whatever.  I didn't have the called for colors so I was using a combination of DMC, Weeks and GAST.

 There wasn't enough contrast in the pin cushion.  You couldn't see that there was a pattern on the pin cushion.  Scrap that.  So then I went digging through my Vicki Clayton silks.  I found some that I think will do.  What I have done so far is a combination of everything I have tried.

 Am I going to take it out and start over?  Are you crazy?  There are two greens on the top of the tomato and it just isn't worth it to take it all out.  It looks fine.  I also wasn't sure what to do about coverage, one strand or two?  I tried one of DMC and Weeks, it was a little skimpy.  Then I tried the premium silk which is heavier.  One strand of that is plenty.  The surprise on this is that it is fun to stitch.

The bathrooms are clean and the walking is done.  We've had two days of temperatures in the sixties and today is going to be warm too.  I love it.  Enjoy it while you've got it!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Amaryllis Fell

Our Amaryllis plant is so tall and  top heavy that it fell over.  I don't think it hurt itself.  So DH put in two stakes to help hold it up.
I see some red inside the buds.  Maybe the bloom will be red?

I got the front side of Home Sweet Home done!!
Mandy wondered why I don't like working on this.  It is mysterious as to why some things are fun to stitch and some things I dread stitching.  You never know beforehand how you will feel about stitching something.  With this, I think the constant fear that I am going to mess this up spoils some of the fun.  Also this is going very slowly.  I don't like when things aren't nice and neat and perfectly done.
Here are the pieces so far:
Next step:  trace another side onto the embroidery fabric.  I think I'll choose the end side as it is smaller.
We are enjoying another nice day here.  It was 65 degrees yesterday.  Wow.  I made another little start.  I'll show you tomorrow.  It's Sally's fault!

Saturday, February 18, 2017


I put the Heart of Elizabeth all together using some silk dupioni that I had on hand.

All done!  I tried some twisted cording with just black and white but didn't like it.  So I added the gold and I like it much better.

I think it turned out nicely.  Mandy, this is a Gay Ann Rogers design. On her website she has two sales a year, the heart sale that was last week (that did not include Heart of Elizabeth) and the e-week sale in October for just certain designs.  You can sign up for her newsletter then she will let you know when the sale is.

I need to get back to Home Sweet Home and make some progress.  I love how it is turning out but I hate working on it.  So I just have to push through.  I am very close to being done with this side.

Bunny is done.  Charms are added.

 Flowers to the right of the door are done.  I'm working on the rest of the bottom edge.

It is lovely outside.  I watched lots of the Four Continents ice skating yesterday.  Fun.  I should get my new earbuds today.  My old ones are broken.  I bet some oaf stepped on them (me?).  I'm seeing lots of new cross stitch designs coming out for the Nashville market.  Yes, I'm tempted.  But my heart is set on the wren.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Second Kit

The other kit that I got from Jenny Adin-Christie is called Lakeland Odyssy.

It is a beautiful design using the bookbinding material that was also used on The Owl and the Pussycat.  (I'll be more careful with it this time!) Many supplies, all nicely labeled.

 This kit also has part of the design printed on organza that you embroider over.  It really doesn't look too hard to make.  I just need time.  How lucky am I to get to stitch these kits?

Mandy (no-reply) asked me about the kit for Home Sweet Home.  I bought it a couple of years ago.  But now that I am using it and finishing Home Sweet Home, I can give you a better evaluation of it.  Janet Granger (she has a blog) has made Home Sweet Home without the kit and by substituting threads.  On her site she lists the substitutions she made and gives recommendations if you are making this project. This project can be made without the kit.  I have many threads in the kit that I have used one 18 inch strand out of the whole skein. You need one gold bead for the door knob, so I have used one out of the whole pack.

 I will have a lot of stuff left over.  There are a couple of threads that I would recommend getting instead of substituting.  One is the thread that is used on the roof.  It is the perfect weight and texture but I've never seen this thread before.  The kit was expensive.  But it was great not to have to go tracking down all the stuff needed to stitch this.  

Today is the start of great weather.  That's something we don't get much of in the winter.  But for the next four days we get warmth and sunshine.  I love it.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Oh Happy Day!

It was just too cold to walk outside today (19 degrees).  So I went to the Y.  It was nice to see my regular walking friends.

I finished up the Heart of Elizabeth.  Happy dance time.

I dug around in my stash and found some just plain black silk dupioni for the backing so I can finish-finish it off very soon.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.  And I'm really happy to have finished it.  It was a nice break from Dudley and Home Sweet Home.

Then I got great mail yesterday!  The mailman brought me two of the kits that I ordered from Jenny Adin-Christie.  (Not the wren - yet.)  I'll show you one today and one tomorrow. There are so many pieces to these kits.

 They are all nicely labeled too.  I think Jenny's mother does a fabulous job putting them together.
There is a 21 page booklet of instructions too.  Everything is in a tote bag.
My friend Janet did this one and has it all framed.  It is beautiful.
Could I resist starting?  Are you kidding?  I had to put in a few stitches.

The amaryllis has a tiny petal sticking out of it.
It looks to be white.  We'll see.
Have a fun day!