Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Last of 2014

It was too cold to go walking outside so I went to the Y.  I really have been lucky this year with all the times I've been able to walk outside.  This was a lucky year in many ways.  I went to more classes than ever - and had a blast doing it.  I am thankful that I have friends, new and old, that enjoy this passion for needlework.  Thanks BFF and second BFF for all our fun times - many involving food.  I am also thankful that my DH doesn't mind my travels and lets me indulge in such fun.  How lucky am I?

I did tiny things yesterday.  I made a grape.  It is a scissors fob for the scissors that came in the Autumn Casket Keepsakes kit.  That means I finger wove the cord and used detached buttonhole around a felt sphere to make the "grape".

Then I started on the pouch.  It is really an ingenious design by Amy Mitten.

 I stopped when I had to iron it.  So the goal for this last day of 2014, finish the pouch that goes in the threadwinder/pomegranate.

I cooked my gingerbread but it wasn't terribly successful.

It remains a bit doughy inside.  It doesn't taste very good.  It retained the mold design very well.  But I have to cook it at a higher temperature or longer.  I wish that it was a lighter color so one could appreciate the design even more.  Maybe I should try making some shortbread and see what happens.

Mary Corbet had an interesting article on her needles yesterday.  I'll show you how my needles are kept tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Internet is Broken

That's what I thought yesterday.  I clicked on my browser and it said "Temporarily Down for Maintenance".
So I didn't think I could post.  But when I asked DH about it later, he laughed at me.  He said it was only my homepage that was down, the internet was not broken.  Whatever.   I had a busy day anyway.

I cut out all my pieces for the Autumn Casket Keepsakes.

 The next step is the fingerloop weaving.

 I am ready to do that but I have to have an uninterrupted hour to get each one done and there are three.  I'm getting close to being finished now.

I picked up Eleonora's Box.  It is a class I took at Williamsburg.  I really want to finish it and it isn't hard stitching at all.  The front of the box is well underway.

 I want to do the top of the box so I can attach the cameo in the center.  That will be so cool.
It is New Year's Eve Eve.  We don't have any special plans for New Year's Eve except I have a bottle of some blue stuff I may try.

 But if it doesn't taste good, I'm not drinking it.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Make Like a Tree

I made a leaf yesterday.  A stumpwork leaf of detached buttonhole.  It's not perfect but it is good enough.

I have to finish putting in the veins and then I'll have to see what's next.  I don't even know.  I'm up to Lesson 10 so that's pretty far.  Here are my pieces.

Several days ago I made some gingerbread dough.  I kept it in the refrigerator for 2 days.  Then yesterday I molded it using some new and some old molds.

I spent two days looking for the elusive St. George and the Dragon mold that I have.  I finally found it.  The molded cookies have to sit for 24 hours before you cook them.

So they are still sitting.  I think they will turn out!  Thank you Ladies Repository Museum blog for all your directions.  I tried making molded cookies many years ago with very limited success.  I really like this new method as it is not a marathon of work.  Make the dough, stick it in the fridge for 2 days.  Mold the cookies, let them sit.  It will be quick and easy to bake them for 15 minutes after dinner.  I may make these next year for gifts..
DH forgot to give me one of my gifts.  It was so funny.  I got to thinking a gift that I ordered was missing.  So I asked DH about it and he found it in his closet.  He forgot to put it under the tree.  So I got to open one more present yesterday.
It is still warm enough to walk outside.  Unbelievable but very nice.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

One More

I have only one more grape to go!  I can't believe that I have stitched each grape in a different stitch and they look pretty good.  When I get this grape done I will have finished the front side of the Casket Keepsakes scissors case.  Next will be the leaf.  That will be a challenge.  But for now, one step at a time.  I'm doing detached buttonhole stitch on the lowest grape working over a felt half sphere.

I wanted to explain about my new scissors:

They are scissors just like Mary Corbet's on Needle'n Thread blog.  Bow scissors.  I ordered them from Ernest Wright & Son in Sheffield, England in October with not a lot of hope that they would arrive in time for Christmas.  But they did!  I ordered three different pairs in early August and I'm still waiting for those.  The scissors are very sturdily built and very sharp.  You can tell that they will be good scissors for a long time to come.  I like using them.  I have a pair of fancy dancy French scissors that are very delicate and very light.  But they are so delicate that I think I could break them with my bare hands.  Heaven forbid.  So my new scissors are very much the opposite.

My new threads are from France. Each thread color is a famous artist name. They are overdyed threads.

 Atalie has a website and I have ordered a few things before.  I wanted to try her silk threads so I bought her "temporal soies" to try.  I like to change colors so these will be fun to work with.

 I got the cookie molds in the mail yesterday that I ordered.  I washed them and I hope to try making some cookies today. I got inspired by a blog post on  (Scroll down her blog for a gingerbread recipe)
Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Back to Normal

It is a nice regular day today.  I went walking.  I'm going to stitch my brains out.
The highlight of Christmas was watching Claire open her gifts from us.  I got to see her open her American Girl doll.  It was so adorable.

I'm in a panic now as her birthday is in two weeks.  13 days actually.  I have to get busy.

Santa was very good to me.  Guess what!  I have some more things to stitch.  I have a new pair of scissors.

 I got some new thread.

I got a Nexus 9 that I am learning how to use.   It is a tablet not a phone.  It will take some time to get it all set up the way I want.

I started one of my new kits.

I'm still figuring out how to start one of my new kits.

I finished a couple more grapes.

 Only three to go.
I am so blessed.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Love and Joy

It is raining here.  DH doesn't mind as he doesn't have to shovel rain.  I walked at the Y but didn't get to 10,000 steps yet.  I'm lazy today.
I worked on Love and Joy Come to You yesterday and I'm almost done.
Just grass and one and a half sheep left to do.  Maybe I can even finish-finish this and get it on the tree.

I got some sweet things in the mail.
Our guild sent each of its members a gift.  It is a tiny box and a Christmas chart.  We have a nice guild.

Then I got the last of the Ladies Prim Society kits.

I like stockings.  I'm feeling a bit guilty as this is the third kit from Ladies Prim that I haven't done.  I have until December 30th to opt out of next year.  I should opt out.  I have too much to stitch.  I am very picky and don't like primitive designs.  I signed up originally because I liked a Threadwork Primitives design that was offered.  But she isn't designing for Ladies Prim next year.  I think it is wiser to put money toward something I can see first and really like.
Merry Christmas to you!  Thanks for reading my blog.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve

I couldn't believe that is was 42 degrees this morning when I went walking.  Wow is that warm for December.  I have a present of chocolate covered cashews under the Christmas tree that DH won't let me dig into until Christmas.  Can't wait!

I worked on the Grapes scissor case but it doesn't look like I did very much.  You would think that couching would be the easiest of the grapes to do but it isn't.  I did it the first time and it looked messy so I took it out and tried again.  It looks better now.   Then there was another part of the leaf to chain stitch.  The next grape should be easy, knock on wood.

Here is the Barbara Jackson ornament I started.

It is fun to work on but all the specialty stitches take time.
It is supposed to snow on Christmas Eve.  That will be kind of cool but only because I don't have to drive anywhere.  Maybe I'll try making some gingerbread today.

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Other Side

The bathrooms are clean and the walking is done.  All is well for a Monday.

I worked on the other side of the Autumn Casket Keepsakes scissors case.  I got 3 grapes done and I'm working on the fourth one.  I got a leaf done with detached buttonhole.  Good progress.
This side uses little felt half spheres so it is more raised than the other side.

Then I finish-finished the Glad Tidings and hung it on my tree.

I rewarded myself by starting something new.  I saw Ann's kits (Stitching Foolishness) from Haus Tyrol and thought, Oh that one with the lady and the man is so cute.  Did I buy that?  So I looked.  Yep, I did!  So I started it.  I'll show you tomorrow.  Right now I have to go to the mall and Bed Bath and Beyond.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, December 21, 2014


I got to my goals yesterday.  I worked hard and finished the back of the Autumn Casket Keepsakes scissors case.  I so appreciate Amy Mitten's directions.  She took me through several stitches that I had no idea how to do. Who thinks up these stitches anyhow?  They aren't perfect but I did them.  The Ceylon stitch one I took out and started over as several "legs" were a bit long.  I think it looks okay now.  I'm actually getting used to detached buttonhole.  I hope I'm getting better at it.

Now on to the front.  The first two grapes on the front are just satin stitch.  Easy peasy.

I finished up stitching Glad Tidings.  Cute.

Today I intend on finish-finishing it.  I'm going to take a piece of mat board, put some Warm & Natural on it and lace the linen to it.  Then I think I will cut a piece of felt to glue on the back.  I'm going to hang it on my Christmas tree today.

More presents are appearing under the Christmas tree.  Santa likes to do that.  He teases me.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Too Cold

It was too cold to walk outside this morning.  So I went to the Y.  I'm sort of planning to take Christmas off from walking.  We'll have to see what the weather is like that day.
What did I accomplish yesterday?  Well, it doesn't look like much but I am making progress.  I put in a couple more grapes and a bit of the background.  My goal for today is to finish this side of the scissors case.  Five grapes to go.

I picked up Glad Tidings and worked on it a little.  It is slow going since it is partly over-one on 40 count linen.  But it is fun and I think I can finish it before Christmas.

I made one last batch of caramel corn and fudge yesterday.  The bad part of that is I lick the pan.  Yum.
I've spent too much time looking around the internet.  I found a couple of Christmas things that I ended up ordering and they won't even be here by Christmas.  On Etsy (holidayspiritsdecor) there is this kit for little houses that you decorate.  Too cute.  Wouldn't it be fun to decorate one for Claire for (next) Christmas?

Then I found some great cookie molds at a site called cookie molds.  I love this cat/fish one.  Too cute.

You can find anything on the internet.  If you waste enough time.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Last Weekend Before Christmas

That's what they said on the radio as I was walking this morning, it is the last weekend before Christmas.  This month has gone so fast I can't believe it.  A couple of presents appeared under the tree last night.  Cool.  A friend sent me a couple of things that are just darling.  She knew I would love them.  I do.

Thank you Terry!
I've been at a loss as to what to work on.  I have so many things I would like to start or work on or finish.  I decided to go back to the Autumn Casket Keepsakes.  I am very proud of myself for getting the entire leaf done in detached buttonhole stitch.  It didn't take forever either.  Two days.

 Maybe I'm getting better at this.  So the next part to work on is the grapes.  I've got two grapes done - one in detached buttonhole stitch.  So far so good.  I'm going to keep working on this.  It has to be done by the time the Quaker Sewing bag comes in January.  But then I needed a break.  Something different.  So I picked up a small kit that I got at Haus Tyrol in Williamsburg.

It will be an easy stitch and it might even get done by Christmas.  I really like the other Barbara Jackson ornaments that I've made in past years.

They all seem to go together.  I am still working on the Shining Needle Society one but it going slowly.  I changed the writing so it wasn't up and down.

I am reminded that many people are dealing with difficult situations this time of year.  I am very grateful for all my blessings.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

For Aunt Mary

I have an Aunt Mary who lives in Colorado.  She wants to read my blog but has a hard time finding it and remembering what the name of it is.  So I tried putting a gadget at the top of this blog so she can sign up to have new blog posts sent to her email.  There isn't any explanation about what the box is for so I thought I should explain.  I'm hoping it works.  If you try it and it works let me know.  Thanks!

Here are some more of the kits I got at Williamsburg that I have finished.  I like them so much.  The round one is an ort container and the big paper clip can be a photo holder or hold some other paper.
I have the matching little book that was in Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly started.  Maybe this will motivate me to go back and finish it.  Jackie will have a new kit out that is a carrier that matches this set.  I want it!  This was an easy stitch.
I think I need to make one more batch of caramel corn and I am done for the year.  Maybe some more fudge too.  I confess that I found that I really like the anise flavored springerle that I got from Heidleberg Haus and I ordered some more.  My excuse is that it is only available for a limited time.  I still have some cherry springerle and I like it too but not as much as the anise.  M-m-m-m-m
I was able to get a few French magazines while I was at Williamsburg.

They were only 5 dollars each and I found something I liked in each one.

Another thing I got was this Needleprint chart.

I had been thinking about it for a long time and since it was right there, I got it.
There was an old Lauren Sauer chart that I got:

I guess I kind of collect her charts.  I've gotten many off ebay.
So many neat things!
One week until Christmas.