Friday, September 30, 2016


It is Friday and the last day of September.  Boy that month flew by fast.  I am happy that I got a few things done in September.  I'm still figuring out what to work on next.  I have the trinket box sides that I really want to get done.  I am almost done with the front and two sides.  I just have a large queen stitch flower to get done.

Well, I have the bottom border to finish too.
 I really hate queen stitch.  It is hard to pack all those stitches in and have it look nice.  I have tried them several ways.  I also did not read the chart correctly and one of the flowers is missing a color in its petal.  Hey, flowers in nature vary, so there.  I need to look up another one of Sandy Orton's samplers for what I imagine for the back section.  That will be a nice change from the other sides.  Hopefully there will be no more queen stitches.
I started stitching the top row on Sleeping Beauty Awakened.  I made it a different color.  It was supposed to be Forest Glade.
It doesn't look like much - yet.  The linen is almost as long as Mistress L.  Am I ready for another big project?

It is still rainy outside.   I took a chance and went walking outside today.  The weather makes my hair flat as a pancake.  At least I have my steps in.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


I am proud to present Evan's Christmas stocking:

It's not perfect but I'm calling it done.

I lined it so it would be sturdier.

 I wish the hand stitching on the joining of the front and back was more even.

 I would have sewn it by machine but the attachments to the front of the stocking prevented that.

  It will sparkle in the lights from the Christmas tree.  I stuffed the star with Evan's name more like an ornament.

 I hope DS#2 and DIL like it.  It will go with Claire's stocking since hers is a felt one that I made also.

I'm glad to clean up the pile of stuff I was using to make the stocking.  Now on to other things.
It is a rainy Thursday here.  I had to walk at the Y.  I'm getting excited about my next conference at Winterthur.  I got a supply list for one of the workshops today.  I don't know what the we are making in that workshop.  I only know it is called Ann Flower's Pincushion.  I'm hoping to visit The Strawberry Sampler on my way.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Funky Bird

When I was flying to Buffalo, I worked on an unusual bird.  He isn't pretty, but I like him.  I tried starting him over one.  Tedious.

  So I thought I would try him over two and see how I liked him.  So far:

I'm a little tight on the edges of the linen.  But I can make it work.  Working over two is so much easier.  I'd like him over one but I don't want to stitch him over one.  I should call him the lazy bird.  I am just lazy and want an easy stitch.  Hey, I can if I want to.

Today:  Finish Evan's stocking!!!  One more candy cane to go and Evan's name on a star.  I'm going stash diving to find some lining fabric.  Hopefully I can show you the completed stocking tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to DS#1!  I can't believe you are as old as you are.  I bet you can't either.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Close But No Cigar

I worked on Evan's stocking and made progress.  I am up to piece 104 now (out of 120).  There really are more pieces than 120.  There are six pieces numbered 115 which are candy canes.  But now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I got a pink polka-dotted gift done and the train.

 Today I will work on another gift package.

I put together the Stitchy Box pin cushion.

I like how it turned out.  If I stitch another side panel, I can make a second pin cushion.  Right now, I'm not in the mood.
It was a bit cool walking this morning.  The weather is getting cooler and I wore a sweater.  I want it to stay summer!  Pretty soon I'll have to wear long pants again.  I should be happy that I can still walk outside and that the sun is shining.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Oh Joy!

It was great to Facetime with Claire and Evan yesterday.  Claire tried on the Elsa costume.  It fits!  Hurrah!  I am so happy.

She has a t-shirt under it so it will look differently when she wears it for Halloween.  And she likes it!  In fact she is already thinking of what Gran can make for Halloween next year.

Then we got to see Evan's costume.  He is only 5 months old.  DIL bought this costume for him before he was even born.  It is so cute.  A baby dinosaur cracking out of its egg.  You can't see his face in this photo.
He is such a laid back kind of guy to tolerate being dressed up like this.
The bathrooms are clean.  It is the start of a new week.  The goal this week:  get Evan's stocking done.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Penguin Feet

Last night as I was working away I thought "What if someone asked me what I was doing right now?"  I have to answer, "making penguin feet".

 I finished up the elf on Evan's Christmas stocking and am onto the penguin.  I am nearly done with him.  He is small and sweet.

I am happy to say that I have worked up to piece number 87 of 120.  Wouldn't it be nice to finish this before October starts?

Today marks the biggest tragedy in my life.  My father and youngest sister died in a plane crash 33 years ago today.  It is good to remember the good times and how special these two were.

 Everybody loved Becky and my Dad knew how to have a good time.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


I'm home!  I made it back in one piece.  I saw lots of people I know at the class (at least eight of the twenty six).  I met a few people that read the blog and know me.  That's always fun.  Getting to Buffalo is not too hard.  I had to take two flights.  The total flying time was 62 minutes!  No time for drink or snack service.  Then I rented a car to get me around.  I got a Mitsubishi Lancer.

 It doesn't have a button for raising the seat.  So I was afraid of getting into an accident because I couldn't see out very well.  Sort of like driving a submarine.  Luckily, I'm still alive.  I passed several accidents driving to my hotel and class and traffic was backed up in several places.  I had my trusty Matilda (my GPS) with me but she kept wanting me to take the highway.  I wanted to go the back way.  I only made a few wrong turns.  Let's just say I took the scenic route on more than one occasion.

The guild did not give out any information on places to stay or even where the class was held.  So special thanks to my friend Torrie for helping me out.  Many in class stayed at the Country Inn & Suites which was just a short drive from the church where the class was.  It was a bit lonely as I was by myself.  It is much more fun to go with my BFFs.

The room where class was held had lots of windows so we had good light and a nice breeze.

 Many of us went to lunch at Panera.  Yum.  Because I am basically terrified of driving I got a bagel to eat for dinner so I wouldn't have to go anywhere. Who knew where to go anyway?   The night before I just ate from what I could buy at the hotel, some cheetos and a bottle of Sprite for dinner. So healthy.

I loved the project and enjoyed stitching on it.  There are quite a few pieces to it.  The second day was just until noon.  I decided to go to a candy store not too far from the airport as my flight home wasn't until 5:45 p.m.  Wow.

  Torrie had so kindly brought me some chocolate covered orange peel from this shop so I knew it was great.

 What fun to pick out candy.  I guess this is what my idea of heaven would be like.  The lady working there handed out samples as I came in.  She gave me a piece of orange truffle fudge.  You know I loved that.

The funny part was when I filled up the rental car with gas.  It took 2.86 to fill it up!  So I didn't drive very much.

This was just a quick two day trip essentially.  Now back to my normal life.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I wasn't sure which design to use in the Stitchy Box pin cushion.  You can't really tell by just a chart what it is going to look like.  So I had to stitch them all!

So now I am choosing which two to make into the pin cushion.
I started the lacing together of the backstitches.
I have to finish packing and find a project or two to take with me.
I had a grand time stitching with BFF#2 yesterday.  She got lots done and so did I.
I will be gone for a few days.  I'll tell you all about my trip when I get back.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Good Mail

I swore I wasn't going to do it but I did.  I usually don't like surprise designs.  But I signed up for A Little Help From our Friends Stitching Circle through Silver Needle.  The first kit came yesterday.  The Silver Needle always packages the kits so nicely in beautiful tissue paper.

  There are usually Jelly Bellies in the package (love that!).

 I love a complete kit.  This one is designed by Plum Street Samplers.

I like the design.  It is a fraktur.  They were very generous with the threads.  There were even alternative threads included so you could stitch with which ever colors you like best. This is called a pin cushion but it is a little large for that.  I'm thinking I could make it into a project bag.  I started just a few stitches so I could see if I like the fabric.

 I'm not usually an overdyed linen fan. The linen color is called beige but to me it looks greenish.  I'm still thinking.
I have been looking for a kit that I knew I had.  I finally found it yesterday. Behind some stuff in a cabinet. I'm a little afraid to start it as I just got done with Mistress L.  Right now I just want small projects.  Ones that can be finished in just a couple of days.  I should concentrate on Evan's Christmas stocking and get that all done.  I'm on piece number 73 out of 120.  Over half done!!  Anyway I serged the edges of the linen.  Maybe I'll just put in one band.  We'll see . . .

Monday, September 19, 2016

Finished Box

Quick post today because I have lots to do.  I'm getting ready for a shuffle off to Buffalo on Wednesday.  BFF#2 is coming to stitch tomorrow.  Bathrooms need to be cleaned today.

I installed the top on the Kindred Spirits box.  It turned out fine.  I laced it on and it fit snugly enough that I didn't have to glue it.

Then I lined the inside bottom of the box.

 I used some William Morris fabric that went with the color of the box.  I used some of the tools I got when I took the cartonnage class in Indy.

I was happy with how it turned out.  I was thinking of putting some fabric on the inside top of the box but I wanted to be done.  So I didn't.

Nice day outside.  It is now partly dark when I start my walk in the morning.  I can't believe it is going to be fall this week.  I should get something from Silver Needle today!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Finish!

I finished up the stitching for the Kindred Spirits Guild box.

Now I have to mount it on some foamcore and install it on the top of the box.

There is also some fabric that goes in the bottom of the box.  I think it is supposed to be mounted on foamcore too.  But I will put it around some comic board and then in the bottom.  I may scrounge around to see if I find some more flowery fabric to line the box.

Today Evan is five months old.  DIL will post a photo so I am looking forward to that.  Babies grow up too fast!

It is a lovely day here.  Wishing you a good day.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Sometimes when I go surfing through Ebay I tell myself, if you come across something you already have and have not made it, then you are done surfing!  I don't need to go looking for more cross stitch!  What am I?  Crazy?
I recently came across a pattern that I just love.  And I already have it!  But I had to find it.  Easier said than done.  I went looking for it in one of my laundry baskets of shame and I found it.

I love this little bird.

Why?  I don't know, I just like him.  So I thought I would like to start him.  Problem was he is done on gauze.  Do I want to do him on gauze?  Nope.  I'd rather do him over one on 32 or 40 count linen.  Then I don't have to do all the background too.  He is also done in a lot of overdyed colors, ones that are not in my stash.

I went over this morning to my LNS, which is really a yarn store.  I only found three colors when I needed seven.  Rats.  Well, maybe I can substitute.  I like the other pieces in this pattern too.  Love the strawberry and what a cute needle book.  Oh for time to stitch everything I want to.

It was raining this morning so I walked at the Y then went to the Farmer's Market.  I was very good and didn't get a cinnamon roll or any candy.  Have a fun Saturday!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Something New

I belong to the Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild.  The program for September was finishing a wooden box and stitching a spot sampler for the top.

This project was designed by Kimberly Nugent of  Samplers Not Forgotten.  I got this project in the mail yesterday.  I love the box.

 Blue, my favorite color!
I really like the spot sampler.  I think it is based on a sampler in Kimberly's collection.  So yes, I had to start it.  It is on 36 count linen.  I like the colors.  I did change the color of  the s motifs ( to Bellagio).

I'm hoping to get a lot more done today.  It is so fun to work on something new.
It is a lovely Friday, full of possibilities.  I did some stash diving yesterday as there is a bird I want to stitch.  I'll show you tomorrow.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Now What?

We mailed off the Elsa Costume to Claire this morning.  I have my fingers crossed that it fits.  Maybe we will find out on Sunday.  I took photos    The dress doesn't look any different, it is just all hemmed and minor other things have been done.  Now it is gone.  Yeah!!

Mistress L is all done.  I have to find directions for the hem stitching and decide how much fabric I want to leave between the edge and the hemstitching.  I hemstitched Amy Mitten's Mute But Not Silent and loved how the edge turned out.  I stuck Mistress L up on my cabinet so I could admire it.

So now I can concentrate on other WIPs.  I am working on the elf on Evan's Christmas stocking.  I guess the elf goes on before Santa's arm.

 Then I am working on the side band of the Stitchy Box pin cushion.  I think I'll work on the other side of the pin cushion this afternoon.

Again I am envious of BFF#2 as she is at a cross stitch retreat this weekend.  What fun to go and stitch with like-minded stitchers.  It is fun to see what others are working on.

It is just the perfect day here.  Cool enough to have the windows open.  I love it.  Wouldn't it be great if the mailman brought me something?