Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bottoms Up

I've been making good progress on the bottom of the Home Sweet Home box.  Maybe I can actually do this!  I'm sure the sides of the box will be more challenging.  I have traced the strawberry bush side and that's what I'll do next.

I cut off the offending knot/snag that was on the back of Hampton Court. I am working on the second color of green.  There is a third color of green to put in and then I'll know if this part of the lawn is going to turn out okay.  I'm still not so sure.  I am upset that the angle of the stitches is way off.  Now that I see this photo, I think I'll have to take this out and try again.  This looks awful.

I got  pretty far on the parasol of Sakura.  Just some more flowers and some french knots and I am done with that part.

We got some more snow and it is "greasy" on the roads.  But the new snow has covered up the dirty looking snow. I'm going to dig out some summer clothes to take on my trip.

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