Thursday, January 9, 2014

Heat Wave

Yes, it is a heat wave.  It is above zero today.  It is supposed to get up to 23 degrees.  Yeah!

I still cannot post photos.  Rats.

I got my steps in yesterday.  Yeah!

I got to see Claire via Facetime and wish her a happy second birthday.  Yeah!

I got to go out to eat at Noodles.  Yeah!

I got the nozzle to the Casket Keepsakes all stitched, then frogged and stitched again.  Now I'm ready for the next lesson to come out.

I got a lot done on the other side of the roof of Home Sweet Home.  It is really apparent now how much adding the dark thread adds to the design.  I'm hoping to finish this today.  I wish I could show you.

I put in some more background stitches in the pinball.

The Sakura bag is half stitched together.  Hope to finish that up today too.

I need to get back to Hampton Court.  I'm afraid of messing it up so I've been avoiding it.  Time to step up to the plate and get busy.

School is back in session but I will see Dylan next Monday.  Hopefully.  With pizza.  Seems like forever ago when I last saw him.

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