Thursday, January 30, 2014


It is not always easy to stitch on a plane.  The light isn't great, the space is limited.  The plane is moving.  But I managed to start two new projects.  One is a Jackie kit that I got at The Attic's retreat.  It is a bag with roses on it.  But it is all worked over one so good light and magnification is needed.  Stitching this was very slow.  Now that I am home, it will go much faster.

Then I started another kit that I just love.  It is called Summer Flowers by Brightneedle.  Cute.  But it is also worked over one.  (Why do I torture myself like this??)  It is a small bag that holds a ruler.  So sweet.

I went shopping today.  I went to Sears and got a telescopic magnet.  I wanted something that would help me find needles that I have dropped.  Mary Corbet recommended this tool.  It was inexpensive and I think it will be handy.

I also got another one of Mary Corbet's recommendations.
It is an Artograph Light Pad.  I can use it for tracing designs instead of taping stuff to my window.  I think it will be very useful.  It is still in the box so I'll let you know how it works out.  I have to trace the designs for the Home Sweet Home project.

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  1. Great projects, and the Light Pad looks pretty cool too.