Thursday, January 16, 2014

Parasol Front

I finished stitching the parasol front of Sakura.  It turned out nicely.  I made twisted cording using 3 strands of floss and couched it down across the top.  That really made it look done.

Only one more part but the stitching is all over-one.  ARGH.

I started on the strawberry bush side of Home Sweet Home.  So far it is going well.  I did a new stitch, knotted pearl, for the stem.  It isn't perfect.  I was supposed to start at the top but I didn't.  I was supposed to make the stem fatter at the bottom.  I didn't read that until it was already done, so I didn't do that either.  I've got my fingers crossed that the strawberries turn out.  I've attached some felt and now I have to do queen (rococo) stitches over the felt.

I started and then didn't like my first queen stitch so I ripped it out and am trying again.  That's my goal for today, get one strawberry that looks decent.

I haven't taken lawn #2 out of Hampton Court.  I was trying to squint and make it look better.  It didn't look any better.  After I take it out I'm going to give myself some more lines as guides so the angle will be correct.

I have a class in March and thought I ought to get back to the pre-stitching.  Time passes so quickly and can also sneak up on you.

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