Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I'm home.  We had a wonderful time visiting with our granddaughter.  What a smart, adorable, darling child!  We aren't biased of course.  Not much stitching got done.  Partly because we got a short lived virus and were sick as a dog for at least a day.  I did accomplish most of my goals for the trip.  Although I was not up to eating sushi when I had the opportunity.  To make up for it I had two Sprinkles cupcakes instead.  I ate at a Lobsta food truck.

We went to the ocean and let Claire walk in the water.  So cute.  We read books to her and watched her open her birthday presents.

 We saw the park where she likes to go play.

When we got home it was so freezing. 4 degrees with a -13 wind chill.  UGH.  School is closed here for the third consecutive day.  Now it is back to our regular life.

I got the new Jane Nicholas book, Stumpwork Butterflies and Moths, in the mail.

 What a nice book!  It actually tells how to make the butterflies and moths.

 I'm admit that I'm a little afraid of stumpwork.  As I was looking at the book, I was wishing that Amy Mitten would do a stumpwork butterfly as one of the Casket Keepsakes.  Then I know I could do it.  A couple of the butterflies look easy enough that I might try one.  but I have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment.
Tomorrow I'll show you some of the stitching I worked on while traveling.

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