Friday, January 3, 2014


I just read a blog about 52 things this woman ( The Communacatrix) learned this year.  It has inspired me to make my own list of things I learned this year.
1.  I don't want to die yet.  That sounds melodramatic but it is true.  I've got way more to stitch.
2.  Doctors don't know s##t.  I've come to realize that my gastroenterologist is a jerk.
3.  Fitbit is a wonderful invention.
4.  I can not estimate things.  Like how many calories I've eaten, how many steps I've taken or how much stitching I can do in a day.
5.  I am a lucky duck.  I actually knew this already.
6.  A granddaughter is a great joy.  I sure wish I lived closer to her.
7.  Cauliflower is just as good as potato chips.  Add thousand island (yogurt) dressing and it is a treat.
8.  A person can change.  Even an old person.  Even me.
9.  I have too much stash.  Of course that doesn't mean that I won't buy more stash.
10.  I really appreciate having a BFF.  It is great knowing someone who shares your passions and like to go to retreats too.
11.  Miracles do happen.
12.  I don't want to live where there are too many people and too much traffic.
13.  I worry too much about stuff.
14.  I can clean it tomorrow.
15.  In years past I bought a lot of clothes that were too small in hopes that I could wear them "someday".
16.  I like listening to NPR as I walk.  Does that mean I'm boring?
17.  I regret being mean but I never regret being nice.
18.  I don't miss going grocery shopping.
19.  I love salmon.  Especially Scottish Salmon.  Especially if I'm not the one cooking it.
20.  The internet is a wonderful connection to information and people.  I met some really neat people who know way too much about me.
21.  There will always be something new and exciting to stitch.
I'm looking forward to whatever happens this year.


  1. I am honored to be your BFF and I am so grateful for our friendship too! It is wonderful to be able to check in on you every day because you have a gblog, and to connect with you via e-mail, your visits to Minnesota and our time together at seminars -- can't wait 'til the next one!

  2. You seem like a really awesome person, very super much fun!!!.. I've already learned that you are a positive person that likes to smile and make others smile, too. Very beautiful inside and out. (And wow, what a talented stitcher you are!!!!!!)