Wednesday, January 22, 2014

See You Next Week

I'm getting excited as I get ready to go on our trip.  It will be very weird to go from below zero temperatures to 80's - and back again.  It is snowing again.  Now where did I put my sun screen?

I did finish a leaf yesterday on Home Sweet Home.  I guess it looks okay.  There are four leaves to do on this side.  Maybe I can get another one or two done today.

I have been messing about with other stuff so I didn't get any more than the leaf done.

Sometimes I just have to think about things.  I've been thinking how to get that second piece of lawn done on Hampton Court.  First I'm cutting out what I've done as it looks awful.  Then I'm going to use one of these special tapes on the top and bottom of the space.  The first is Tiger Tape.
 This is tape with inches and centitmeters marked on it.

Then I can get a consistent angle for the stitching as well as a consistent width of each color.  But I'm too jumpy to work on that right now.
I'll be back next week to tell you all of my adventures in California.  I intend to try sushi for the first time and eat at a Food Truck.  I'll try to get in all my steps and DH will help by going with me.  I get to play with Claire and read her books and see her open her birthday presents.  It will be so fun.


  1. Have a great time away in the warmth and sunshine and have fun with your grand-daughter!