Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back to Sakura

I am trying to finish up stitching the parasol of Sakura.  It is going well (no frogging!).  I think I can get it done today and then there is only one more part.

I finished the background of the pinball.  Now to start the other side.

I started something new.  I bought the kit of Tudor Rose on ebay.  It is divided into 10 (I think) parts.  I basted the outside edges.  Twice, because I messed up the first time.  Now I see that I started one stitch too high so I'm off again.  But whatever.  I'm doing the montenegrin stitch.  It is going well but doesn't look like much yet.

Another goal for today is to get rid of the snag/knot on the back of Hampton Court so I can continue.

I'm telling myself that if it looks bad, I'll cut it off and start again.  It's okay if I mess up, so I don't have to be scared to do it.
I'm appreciating being able to go to the Y this week since I missed so many days last week.  Our exercise class is having a get together next Thursday but I won't be there -  I'll be in California!!!

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  1. Your parasol looks lovely. Hope the weather is a whole lot warmer and sunnier in California for you ;-)