Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Still Snowed In

We are still snowed in but the plows have been out and the streets are getting better.  It's just colder than we've seen in a long time.  We hope to be above zero soon.
I am very frustrated at not being able to post photos.  A blog just isn't interesting if there are no pictures!  But I get a pop up that doesn't go to my pictures.  I've even asked DH how to fix this but he's no help.  I'm hoping it will go away.

I've worked eight eyelets into the thread winder pouch of Casket Keepsakes. If I get the buttonhole stitched nozzle done, I'll be ready for the next lesson.
I've got a bit of cabin fever as I haven't been out of the house since Saturday.
I finished off the pin cushion to Sakura.

I tried making some cording and putting it around the edge but I didn't like it so I took it off.  I just whipped the edges together and then added twisted cord.  It turned out fine.  Someday I'll remember to bury the knots of the cording in the seam.  Duh.
I want to finish up the Sakura bag today.
I put in some basting - voluntarily - on the second side of the roof of Home Sweet Home.  I keep getting off and having to frog.  It is also very frustrating.  I'm ready to bite my mouse pad.

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  1. Dear Amy
    By the time you post pictures you will have everything done by the sound of it...looking forward to seeing your accomplishment