Saturday, January 11, 2014


I said I would work on Hampton Court and I did.  But I am very frustrated as the thread I'm using is a pain to work with.  It snags on my fingers, it gets knots, it doesn't lay well.  ARGH.  I am tempted to see if I can find a substitute.  I'm just not sure this section of the lawn is going to work out.  But I guess I just have to try.

I've been looking into what is the next easiest part of Home Sweet Home.  I've decided to work on the bottom that has an oval and flowers along with the name and date.  I have to trace the design on to the linen first.  I don't have a light box (although there is an app for that).  So I have to do it while it is light outside and I can tape it to the window to trace.

I started the parasol part of Sakura.  It is going well - that means I haven't had to frog yet.

Here are all my pieces to Casket Keepsakes.

See how much background I've gotten stitched on the Pinball?

Happy Saturday!


  1. Amy, all your stitching looks great. You have been ever so productive. I am not a little envious :-)

  2. So much progress each day! I'm curious to know how much time you spend stitching each day.

  3. Great projects.
    You've gotten a lot done on the Casket pieces, and the Pinball is very pretty.