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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Three Peas

I stitched three peas yesterday.  You may ask, "Well, what did you do after lunch?"  No, you don't understand, it took all day to stitch those three peas. It was a bit like trying to make porridge for the three bears.  Too big, too small, too hard, too soft.  I started off with this:
I rolled a bit of the stuffing into a ball.
Then I looked at how big they were by the boat.
They were way too huge!  So I tore them in half.  I knew it would be good to try making a practice one first.  Slight adjustments were made (even smaller!).
The first one was a bit messy but it will do.  By the time I got to the third one, it was looking much more even.  They are really about the size of a small pea.

It was very challenging to make these.  I have to sew them onto the boat.
My reward was to get to cut out the book cover.  Wow, does that make a difference!  From this:
To this:
I am getting excited now that I can see it taking shape.  The boat still is not attached yet.  Today's goal is to get the peas sewn to the boat and to anchor the book cover to the main piece.


  1. Wow, this piece is quite a feat! I have no doubt about how challenging portions of it are. Looks beautiful!

  2. This is such an incredible piece! Am really enjoying watching it grow.

  3. Wow, it looks great.
    The book cover adds even more to it.