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Friday, November 4, 2016


I got very little done yesterday.  By "little", I mean small.  It sure takes a long time to do fiddly things.  I got the bong tree leaves all stitched on The Owl and the Pussycat.

 It was good to be forced to use the thread for the leaves.  I have a ton of that kind of silk from the Cabinet of Curiosities class and I'm not fond of it. It tends to catch on my fingers and slips out of the needle on a regular basis.  But learning how to deal with it is a good thing.  The leaf edges aren't as smooth as I would like but in reality it doesn't matter.  No one will notice because they are so small.  At the bottom of several of the leaves are these heart shapes.  I had to pad the center of the heart with a tiny teardrop of felt and then cover it with beads.  That was the easy part.  Next was needlelace.  Now that is challenging.  It is very tiny.  The first one is always messy looking.  The next one is better.

Now that is small!
 Today I hope to install the two halves of a heart and have it look good. Overall, I am happy with how this project looks.

I got another birthday money book in the mail.  It is Monograms by Susan O'Connor.

 It is a really nice book and a great reference on how to do monograms.  It was just reprinted last year and I have wanted a copy for a while.
How can it be Friday already?  Time is just flying by.

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  1. It may seem to you that it isn't very much, but look at how detailed it is.
    I think you got a lot done.
    It looks so pretty.