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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Now for Something Entirely Different

I saw a darling design on another blog.  I have that pattern.  I feel guilty about this pattern.  BFF#2 and I were shopping at House of Stitches and I found this pattern.  Another lady wanted it too but I got it first.  Did I offer it to her?  No.  I was piggy and kept it for myself.  Now the question is can I find it?  I had to go through a laundry basket of shame to find it, but I did.  Oh to stitch something small and easy.  That's the ticket.  Without too much trouble, I found it!

 Okay, so do I dig around and try to find the exact threads called for?  No, too much trouble.  I grabbed some leftover threads from a Betsy Morgan project.  I needed some Soie Perlee.  I happened to have some on my table.  Not the color called for, but it will do.  I started in.  It was a nice break from needlelace, that's for sure.
Ta-Dah!  I love this design.

I watched three episodes of an old TV show last night as the election results were making my stomach hurt.  DH has assured me that the world did not end and we will survive.  I'm still not sure though.  What is the warmest part of Canada?


  1. This design is stitching up lovely. Nice to stitch something small but it makes it better if the pattern is found in your stash,so can get to start straight away. Happy Stitching.

  2. I was wondering that too - the warmest part of Canada :-)

  3. Let It Bee is a lovely little design! I love how you put your kit together from nearby supplies from other projects. :)